We assist in restructuring and/or reorganizing any area of your business

We provide services to maintain your company’s financial reporting needs using Quickbooks

We specialize in bookkeeping services for small to medium sized law firms using PC Law




With more than 25 years of experience, Blue Cricket Solutions will assist you with all your financial and organizational needs.  Approaching each client with our full attention and dedication, we aim to ensure all your needs are met in the most beneficial way that works for your business.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Blue Cricket Solutions website. Your search tells me you are looking for someone to help you organize a specific aspect of your business.

Blue Cricket Solutions specializes in PCLaw bookkeeping services for small to medium sized law firms. We will help organize your books and ensure you are in compliance with The Law Society of Upper Canada and Canada Revenue Agency.  With our vast experience in PCLaw, we will assist you with all of your bookkeeping needs from monthly reconciliations right up to trial balance.

We also specialize in QuickBooks bookkeeping services for businesses. We will complete your financial records up to trial balance and ensure you are in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency. We will also prepare payroll directly through your company or through a payroll service.

Our business organizing services span a variety of areas from paper management to space organization. We will work with you to determine your requirements based on how your business is run and implement solutions that will allow you to efficiently carry you through the life of your business.

For a detailed overview of all of our services please continue through our website.

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